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Interesting story and the backing track is good but your animation is too shaky. You should try building your props out of something sturdier then clay so they don't move so much. For example, the table you used could easily be replaced by a small wooden structure that you glue to your base. This would prevent it moving around and also your fingerprints on it. Also, turn the frame rate up. It looks like you shot it on 3's maybe? Stop motion looks particularly poor if shot on anything less then 1's. Still nice to see someone rocking clay though! Keep going!

Thaiel responds:

Thankyou for the idea. Didn't think of sticking it to the floor.
I'm trying to find something better that clay. unfortunately, it seems there's none here in arg. I'll try to find hard child clay.
Apart from that. HOLY FUCK 1000 views from 290 in one day.

This is awesome

The intro was amazing, your characters were flawless and your animation was peanutbutter smooth. I love this. The punch line reveal was epic and caught me off guard, I never thought that something so bad ass could have such a humorous twist. I love that the detail you put into the War seen actually makes the joke. Amazing.

why is this getting shit on?

I thought it was great man. Your animation was good and your character designs were bizarre but fitting. As to people saying "you're so unoriginal this is just grotesque blah blah" I would have to completely disagree. I haven't seen any of this done before. I preferred the lullaby beauty sleep over any others only because it was the most well structured in terms of an actual punch line. The others were a bit too grotesque for me.

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Very good improvements.

Still this is only a demo and I'm not giving it more then a 6 because of that. I hope that in the real game, it's more running and acrobatics then standing around disarming enemies, but the idea of enemies and loops with a city background looks like it will be successful. I also hope you have a lot of levels, and huge loops. Good luck!

Maxwelldoggums responds:

yeah, the enemies will be a very small part of the game. Thanks for reviewing!


Very simple, very addicting. I thought the style and orange background was awesome. It was really fun and hard to stop playing. I was really impressed when I encountered a race because it was so sudden and that combined with the buzz saws was crazy. Also, the animations for when the character got a battery were awesome and intense. Make sequels, good luck.

Maxwelldoggums responds:

Thanks! I really appreciate it when people enjoy my work. I spent a while making that lightning effect thing when you go fast.


Fun simple game. I really liked it. I rarely enjoy games like these, but this one had its stylish appeal, except the Tab button cheat.

gnome42 responds:

How unstylish of me. I'll delete the tab cheat from the next one
thanks for the review

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nice battle.
Richard- ending on the first verse was way too awkward for me and mostly used flips as opposed to direct attacks. Flips were nice though.
Suddle- you could use a little more gusto as far as mic presence but your attacks were there. did some good research.
I would have to give it to Suddle based on bars, but still a dope battle guys.

Teqneek was mostly gay jokes, a few name flips, a couple of rebuttals.
PiGPEN always is fresh with his shit, people stop sleeping.

How do you guys actually think Blest won....His flow is absolute garbage, no punches, a little bit of faggoty faggot. PiGPEN had dope bars, couldn't understand Blest. Blest used that filler flip, when his shit is actually all filler. PiGPEN- "I'm not a pussy, I'm not cunt meat, thats why i don't care about the tongue speed."
Blest- you were hard to listen too, couldn't understand you, no punches.
PiGPEN- original, entertaining, with actual bars. Come on people. Just because he's funny doesn't mean he isn't taking this shit seriously.
Landslide victory for PiGPEN.
(this vote counts as 100 votes. bigred said so)

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very nice. everyone needs to stop saying "female Link" though, read the fucking description.
Concept is good and I personally think it's original. I don't know how I feel about Zelda rocking Link's tunic, would have been cool to see something new. The artwork itself is great. The character looks fine and well shaded but I feel your background is lacking. The artwork and talent is there, I would just say work on your composition. Something so symmetrical is usually reserved for magical/mystical/religious content. But then again, it was designed to be a poster so perhaps the symmetry was intentional. Regardless, keep up the good work and check out a book called "DreamWorlds" if your interested in learning more about framing. It's incredibly helpful for composition.

The Giant Blacksmith of Anor Londo crafted a particular set of armor for a strange wanderer. The eastern Uchigatana is clenched in his right hand, the Ioto blade in his left. The wanderer has never known human form, strictly hollow. Artorias the Abyss Walker bows to the Wanderer. Arch Demons fall before him. The Lord of Cinder shadow boxes in the Kiln of the First Flame, waiting for this worthy adversary to march through his legion of Black Knights and continue the Age of Darkness.
(Please beat DarkSouls, the satisfaction is unparalleled)

Zigan responds:

The lore is pretty amazing, thanks for the 5 :)

awesome work

really professional looking. i really like the simplicity of it, my only gripe is that the color scheme might be a little bland. great tone work.
And if you don't mind my nit picking, i think some lines could be dragged into her torso a little more, IE the thighs right edge, to avoid making things appear as more of an outline. great job tho.

AbominableGod responds:

thanks. constantly working on getting better. Honestly colour is one of my worst things to do and usually comes last. I have trouble trying to visualise in a non-monotone way. but i'm gonna get better!

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